Monday, July 16, 2007

Bastille Day, Ratatouille et Sauternes

I haven't done much this year to celebrate "14 juillet" - or, as they call it here, "Bastille Day". Last year, I had promised L French people joyously dancing in the streets under lampions with firemen; instead, the numerous French people we found in the little French quarter were all sitting down and enjoying dinner. That was a bit of a flop, and my motivation wasn't too high this year - so I ended up spending most of the week-end working on the computer on random projects, and watching Enter the Dragon. One cannot always be fiercely revolutionary.
Keeping up with the French theme, L and I went to the movies, and we watched "Ratatouille". It must be my contradictory spirit, but I end up disliking most movies that receive widespread critical acclaim; this one was an exception, and was just as good as it was promised to be. I can't find anything smart to say about it - just go, it's a great movie.
No disaster on Friday the 13th; besides being the ending of another week of work, it was also the birthday of a friend. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant in the Mission with a small party, and ended up at my place. I finally popped open one of my "collection" of Sauternes, a 1990 Chateau Haut-Violet. It was a fitting occasion, and a very nice bottle, but I still need some practice to get fully accustomed to the conversations style of medical students, though; transitioning from a discussion on the grapes that enter the Sauternes, straight to the issue of whether there is a scientific method to determine the color of urine, is an art that will take me some more practice to get fully comfortable with...


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