Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back from L.A.

After one week of vacation topped by an in-and-out incursion to Los Angeles, returning to work felt like a crash-landing back to reality. Since our LA stint, L has been a bit sick, and I haven't felt that hot myself. The ambiance at the office has been a been tense; we had a deployment scheduled this week, which is always a bit stressful. No matter how carefully you prepare these, there are always some last minute surprises - and rarely of the pleasant kind. In addition to that, a colleague announced her resignation somewhat unexpectedly, which also dampened the spirits a bit.
Going to the movies sounded like the perfect indication for our condition - a movie not too intellectually demanding, and, if not uplifting, at least with no excessive drama. So we went for The Bourne Ultimatum. I am still unclear as to why the movie received such high praise from the critics; but, within the requirements aforementioned, the movie delivered, and L and I had a very good time. I can't recall another movie where the edit of fight scenes is so fast-paced. Where fight scenes are usually carefully choreograph to highlight the elegance of the movements, Bourne's fight scenes almost make it look like the cameraman is the one taking the beating while trying to shoot. Until there is only one man standing, it is pretty difficult to follow what is going on, but the very fast-pace makes up for the lack of coherence, and is really entertaining. Which, overall, is also an adequate description of the entire movie.

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