Thursday, August 2, 2007


I feel very happy and yet slightly embarrassed about my new acquisition: a cigar humidor. Since I quit smoking some two or three years back, I have allowed myself some space for just a little vice, and smoke a cigar here and there. That has worked pretty well for me, except for one issue. I buy a few cigars on duty-free at the airport when I travel out of the country, but because I smoke so little, the cigars tend to dry out. That may sound like a trivial issue, but really, puffing on a dry cigar ruined the pleasure of my quarterly smoke, so I decided to invest in a humidor. I seasoned it, filled it with my cigars, and I really like it; except that with my cigars now in this dignified looking box, I suddenly feel like a capitalist fat cat, feeling I somehow never got when they were stored in the bathroom near the q-tip box...

I can't say I am losing much sleep over this issue, though. In fact, I have been on vacation for nearly a week now, and I can't remember sleeping so much and so well in ages. I haven't done a thing in a week, and this is tremendously enjoyable. I will go back to work on Monday, but before that, L needs to go to L.A. for a project she is working on, so we'll drive there together over the week-end. Nothing like a good low-budget road trip to keep it real!



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