Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hollywood, baby!

L and I made it to L.A. yesterday. We are staying at the Sunset Tower, where, according to the brochure, Iggy Pop used to "dive from his apartment window into the pool". The ambiance has mellowed down quite a bit since; the staff seemed pretty thrown off when we asked if it was OK to take a swim. Our outlandish request gained us some respect from one of the waiters, who asked us later on in a conspiratorial manner if we were "the two who went in the swimming pool today". I somehow expected it would take more to create a sensation in Hollywood... Just in case there was any doubt, though, the directory of hotel services did confirm we were in Hollywood indeed: where else would that list propose "Wrinkle Relief & Dermal Filters", "Laser Vein Removal", and "30 Minutes Collagen Stimulation and Laser Rejuvenation (FDA Approved)"?



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