Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Things I might be interested in

In February 2006, a friend of mine moved from California to New York city. To make the transition easier, I gave him the Zagat New York City restaurant guide, which I purchased through Amazon. Since that day, "As someone who has purchased or rated books by Zagat Survey", I have been notified about every two months of new issues of Zagat guides, covering the most random places in the US. I have been suggested to purchase the Zagat 2007 Texas. I have been advised to look into the Zagat survey of America's top golf courses. And today I have been recommended to check the 2008 Zagat survey of Washington Dc/Baltimore Restaurants.
Granted, it's notoriously difficult for computer to make recommendations based on taste, but come on! This is just plain ridiculous. I haven't heard anything from Amazon on the latest issue of the San Francisco Zagat (to be fair, I may have forgotten), even though they have my address on file - so why would the computer decide that I may be interested in Baltimore, Texas and US golf courses, when none of my amazon purchases has anything to do with these?

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