Thursday, September 20, 2007

And your spin... large, or extra-large?

Last week, I made a flight reservation on; I wanted to be on row 14, to be seated close to L, who already got her ticket. While choosing my seat, I am very pleased to discover that row 14, by virtue of being located between rows 12 and 25, has "Plenty of legroom".

How could I be so naive! For a minute, I thought that "plenty", as in "more than sufficiently, to a considerable degree" (Webster) meant that I would have more space that most passengers to stretch my legs. A quick look at the entire floor plan revealed that "Plenty of legroom" was instead to be opposed to "More legroom", or "Most legroom"; or, in other words, that "plenty of legroom" was the worst section of the airplane. Welcome to marketing, were the world exists in large or extra-large only!

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