Monday, September 17, 2007


That's it - Last Friday was my last day as a full-time employee of Applied Strategies, and technically, I am now beginning my first week of self-employment. It feels very odd, a mixture of excitement and nostalgia.
This Friday, I was invited to "a picnic in the park"; going out for lunch in the park, away from the computer for a little while, has been a ritual of mine, and the whole team had put a twist on it, with a beautiful setup. Except for Ryan and Kristina, everyone was there, and it was a very emotional moment. It has been almost exactly five years since I had started with this company, with lots of memories gathered along the way. Possibly the most touching moment for me was when I saw a familiar silhouette coming under the trees; Sandy had called up L, who joined and finally met everyone.
A page is turned - and a very exciting time is coming ahead, trying to find the right balance between what I love about that job, and my personal life; I am really looking forward seeing what shape this will all take!



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