Monday, November 26, 2007

Bamboo Village

Last Saturday, L and I went to see "No Country For Old Men" at the Bridge theater, on Geary boulevard. I really enjoyed the movie; think "Fargo", but replace the cold, snowy mid-west by the hot, dusty Texas wilderness, and you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect. On top of that, the Bridge Theater management sent someone on stage before the movie, to thank us for helping them stay in business for a 69th year as a neighborhood theater. I like to be reminded that I am a great customer - and I hope that they don't end up like their former neighbor The Coronet, which is still in the process of becoming the Institute for Aging.
I was much less satisfied by the dinner we had at the Bamboo Village; out of three dishes, one was good (the BBQ chicken cooked in coconut rice), the rest rather mediocre. But what really sticks in my memory is not the food, but the music; we had to suffer through what seemed to be the same one tune of spa music (you know the type, the annoying oriental, slow-paced stuff) playing in a loop, for a good hour. I think they will have to count on someone else than me to keep in business for 69 more years.

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