Thursday, November 1, 2007


Since coming back from Spain, I have been a bit head down in the bucket, caught between catching up with a project at Applied Strategies, getting sick, and preparing for my talk at Code Camp. As a result, no post in a week, shame on me.
So what is new, besides the stuff mentioned above? Yesterday was Halloween in San Francisco, and apparently the city was also hit by a 5.6 earthquake. I definitely noticed the kids and the pumpkins, I am sorry they canceled the yearly party in Castro, and I noticed absolutely nothing like a quake. I am sure it happened, but somehow I never pay attention.
I was going through my pockets, and dug out these, which had been sitting there for a few weeks.

So far, the closest I got from being singled out for a promotion are the credit card offers which keep on piling in my mailbox, even though I went through the steps to get my name off the list. Maybe that is the big change ahead - when banks will finally realize that if I did not bite to the same offer I have received every other day for two years, it's probably not worth wasting paper any more. I am still pretty unclear about the third one, but I am sure it will all become obvious soon when it becomes realized. And finally, I hope that the musical opportunity was not my neighbors' new passion for the bongos at night, but rather the Ravi and Anoushka Shankar concert we are going to tomorrow with L!

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