Friday, December 28, 2007

Juno, no Juno

It’s a weird phenomenon – every couple of years, a movie comes out, it gets great reviews, everybody loves it and raves about it, I go see the movie, and… I hate it – and have no idea why everyone is getting so excited. Most of the times, even when I don’t like a movie, I understand why it may resonate with others, and what they could see in it. But sometimes, I really don’t get it. I had that unpleasant experience some time back watching “The Spanish Apartment” (“L’Auberge Espagnole”), and it happened again this Tuesday, when I went to watch “Juno” with L.
I was seriously ready to leave after 30 minutes; but L and I decided to give it a bit more time, in hopes to witness the pumpkin turn into
“One of the brightest, funniest comedies of the year, whose smart script and direction are matched by assured performances”
(Rotten Tomatoes "consensus").

I’ll give you that, it improves a bit after a while (or did I simply become numb?), and we stayed until the end; but I can’t recall an actress whose delivery (pun not intended) made me cringe as much as Ellen Page. Maybe I am just getting old, and can’t take the too-cool-for-school mannerisms of teenagers anymore?



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