Friday, December 7, 2007

Vampire Weekend, the return

Vampire Weekend was back in San Francisco last Wednesday, this time at the Independent, as the headliner, and with an album soon to be released. Besides that, not much has changed - the band is still as endearing, and I am still a fan of the "Upper West Side Soweto style". They hinted at a second album (we even had the honor of having a song premiered), and announced another passage in the Bay Area in January; you have to wonder when that second album will materialize, if they keep touring the way they have been...

I really enjoyed the opening band, Grand Ole Party, as well. A band with a female drummer who is also the lead singer is pretty unusual, and gets your attention; but it's the music itself that kept me engaged afterwards. It had all the qualities of a good power trio - compact, simple, and catchy.

And I can't resist - I have to point at the angle of the pictures (I certainly can't brag about the quality of the pictures themselves). That's right, they were not taken from crowd-level, but rather from the VIP, invitation-only balcony... Knowing someone on the D-list has its perks!

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