Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have worked quite intensely in the past few days, which explains why I haven't written anything recently; I didn't have time, and there wasn't much to write about.
It wasn't all work, no play, though. L and I decided to go back at some projects that had been lingering for a while. She worked on her pistachio-and-emerald table, I on my orange frame. That frame belongs to my (vast) collection of pieces of junk from the garbage nice items handpicked from the urban treasure trove; here is its current state.

I had fun working with brushes, which is not a tool I am very used too. What next? I initially wanted to have a second layer of inscriptions, in golden color, to lighten up the whole frame and contrast with the dark red; but I kind of like the hieroglyphs as they are, and wouldn't want to mess them up or hide them too much! So far, I am leaning towards either "accenting" the hieroglyphs with thin-line gold color, or having another inscriptions all around the frame, going over the hieroglyphs, in a style graphically less heavy than hieroglyphs. Thoughts?



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