Saturday, August 23, 2008

A wedding, a cat

Nearly a month of silence, I have let myself get swallowed by work a bit too much again... In most notable recent events, Subarna and Doug got married; technically, we were at the beautiful, open-air ceremony in Big Sur, but we really attended only the last five minutes. In our enthusiasm to get there (with some help from confusing Google Maps directions), we overshot and drove a good 50 miles too far south. Murphy Law was in action, as we got pulled over driving back north and trying to make it in time for the ceremony... Anyways, the reception was very nice, and doubled as a high-school reunion for L, as both the bride and 2 invitees were high-school friends!

In other recentl news, L adopted a wonderful kitten, from the San Francisco SCPA. Quick aside: if you think about adopting a pet, pay them a visit, the people are super-nice, and you can meet pets in very pleasant surroundings. We spent a few hours thinking of names; Wooster was in the lead for a bit, but in the end, Friday prevailed. Friday is a great kitten, very playful and smart, and he purrs like no other cat, it is totally amazing. Sometimes, he purrs even before being petted. Seeing Friday and L together definitely made me think again about getting a dog.

More on Friday and the rest of my life soon!


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