Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soapbox race at Dolores Park

There was a soapbox race in Dolores Park today. For those not familiar with the international soapbox racing circuit, a soapbox race is a competitive event where contestants use a home-made, non-motorized vehicle, and get an initial push from their team-mates to go downhill as fast as possible. Think hybrid between bobsled and circus.
The event was pretty amazing, and drew a crowd of 75,000 people - I have never seen Dolores Park so packed. There were 35 teams in competition, some pretty creative ones - and also some very nice crashes...

The slopes of Dolores Street are merciless.

No event in the Mission is complete without some random pirates.

They are going for speed!

The Hamster Weel team unfortunately didn't make it to the end, but was pretty cool while it lasted.



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