Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This is what you would see if you were to go on my terrace right now:


I haven't fallen prey to claustrophobia or exhibitionism - this is one of the side effects of a long series of small misadventures. 3 weeks ago, my car broke down. 2 weeks ago, my toilets started to leak profusely. This week, my phone stopped working. None of these is particularly dramatic, but they have been spicing up my schedule which was already hectic because of work... Every week, I hope I can resume a normal week, now that everything that can break down is broken, and realize that there is always something else that can break down. I wonder if I offended some minor demon - if you know of any reasonably priced exorcist, drop me a line.


Oh, and the reason the toilet is on my terrace is that the plumber, after performing his magic, didn't deem worth his time to get rid of the broken one, and left it there. I have no idea what I will do with it; I am kind of getting used to it, it is definitely an original addition to the random assortment of seats that is already there.